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8th Latin America Ports Forum will take place in Panama 6 -7 September 2023

02 May 2023
8th Latin America Ports Forum will take place in Panama 6 -7 September 2023

8th Latin America Ports Forum - The leading ports & logistics conference for the Americas – will take place in Marriott W Hotel, Panama City, Panama on September 6-7, 2023

About the event

With the recent expansions of Latin American ports have included new projects as well as new needs for update and modernize facilities, opening wide business opportunities. These expansions arrived at a moment in which global trade is in the middle of a reorganization process and founds the shipping industry in consolidation mode.  Within this environment, Latin American Port authorities, shipping companies, infrastructure project developers, construction companies, terminal operators, investors and government officials will convene in person for the 7th Latin American Ports Forum on September 6-7, 2023.

During the two day conference, industry experts and colleagues from Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Peru, the United States and Central America, will discuss the evolving business opportunities related to the ports in Latin America.  Significant attention is placed on the infrastructure projects that will increase capacity in the region, and how ports and terminal operators are adapting to the continuous changes underway in the world and regional trade.  

Competitiveness and increased productivity are crucial in today's operating environment.  Don't miss this unique opportunity to develop the strategic business relationships necessary to succeed in this market.



Latin America Ports Forum - Agenda to cover port infrastructure projects, business opportunities, and terminal operator competitiveness


Our annual event in Panama City brings together C level executives of port authorities, terminal operators, infrastructure companies, financial institutions, engineering firms, transportation and logistics companies who represent important and strategic projects in Latin America and the Caribbean. Participants are interested in the potential for project development and new business opportunities related to investments and the evolving industry landscape.  


The geographic scope for the event is Latin America.  The recent investments made in the Panama Canal will have an everlasting impact on the way business is done in the region. The event will play a vital role in helping companies define their market strategy and develop key relationships for future business development.


Many countries in Latin America has been investing in expanding and modernizing their port facilities to more efficiently service current demand as well as facilitate the expansion of its foreign trade.  Mexico’s infrastructure plan includes a port investment program that includes US$1.8 billion expansion of the port of Veracruz, the country’s automotive gateway. Colombia also has an interesting number of port expansion projects, while Panama and Brazil are launching aggressive plans to attract foreign investment to the sector.


Topics to be explored:


  • Infrastructure: expansions, new ports, new terminals, waterways
  • The changing competitive landscape: 
  • Consolidation of the liner shipping market
  • Changes in the size of vessels
  • New port & terminal operators
  • Effects of the Panama channel expansion
  • Changes in trading patterns
  • Bi-oceanic initiatives (Nicaragua, Guatemala, Tehuantepec)
  • Productivity
  • Technology & innovation
  • New equipment
  • The multimodal factor and the role of the railway infrastructure
  • Energy terminals: LNG/Fuels/Oil, storage and transport logistics, special facilities to attend O&G offshore operations
  • The evolution of business models: Terminals vs transfer
  • Financing
  • Risk management
  • Security


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