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Panama Comic Con 2023 will be 25 – 27 August at Panama Convention Center

10 May 2023
Panama Comic Con 2023 will be 25 – 27 August at Panama Convention Center

Born in 1970 in the United States, Comic Con has become a unique and unrepeatable collective experience. It is the pop culture event that defines our time, and in 2023, for the fourth year, it will take place in Panama for three days: August 25, 26 and 27, at the Panama Convention Center.

It is a unique collective experience, this pop culture event that defines our time, and in 2022, for the third year, it took place in Panama for three days: August 26, 27 and 28, at the Panama Convention Center. Now to wait for the new Comic Con 2023.


The Panama Comic Con will be held at the Amador Convention Center in Panama City Lovers of television series, the science fiction genre, lovers of the seventh art, comics, manga and anime will be celebrating with the Comic Con Panama.


The Artists Alley of the Panama Comic Con: Artists Alley is the convention space where artists, hobbyists and professionals display their work, draw commissioned sketches and badges, and can sell their work such as prints, CDs, comics, and buttons. This year we will have international illustrators, local illustrators and fans in general who will share their work.


Shopping area and exhibitors: It is a space designed for companies related to the entertainment universe to offer their products and services as an exhibition and sale.


Workshops: It is the differentiating space of Comic Con Panama as an academic area where talks, conferences, workshops, exhibitions by artists and invited experts take place.


Cosplayer: Show how you become your favorite popular culture character, with your costumes and an audiovisual interpretation on stage.


There will be great prizes in each of the 3 categories:

Little League (solo) – ages 5 to 12

Junior League (solo) – 13 to 17 years old

Upper League (solo and group) – over 18 years old



In this super special area you will be able to appreciate a mega exhibition of action figures, dioramas, LEGO, scale cars and many more, thanks to the PANAMA COLLECTING COMMUNITY.


Mariel García Spooner, representative of Comic Con Panama explains, “We love the world of entertainment. Within the team we are film and event producers, collectors and geeks (those who love technology and computers)”.


García Spooner comments that the idea arose when they had the opportunity to travel to Comic Con Chile and San Diego Comic Con, where they observed the importance that pop culture currently has at an international level, made up of television series, video games, the cinema and cosplay, which consists of dressing as characters from pop culture.


What is Comic Con Panama?

It is the flashiest and most successful fan phenomenon at its finest. Based on a format that was born 40 years ago in the United States, it has been transformed into a unique and unrepeatable social experience.

Comic Con is the pop culture event that defines an era and since 2011 thousands and thousands of fans have fallen in love throughout the continent, strengthening itself as the most important entertainment convention in Panama and Latin America.

Comic Con invites you to enjoy three days of the latest discoveries in the world of film, television, comics, and video games. Because Comic Con is not a fair, talk or workshop, it is not a convention, an exhibition, it is an incredible and unique experience in life, that when you dare to experience it you become a fan and look forward to the arrival of the most exciting days of the year.


Meeting: The arrival of this format in Panama could be an excellent meeting point annually so that all the fans in Central America can meet. The privileged geographical position of Panama is of great benefit for Comic Con Panama to become a stable event that people want to see annually.


The Panamanian team works hand in hand with Planet Comics, who have been the organizers of Comic Con Colombia for 6 years to have that experience in Panama for the first time. In the Central American region, there are only two events of this nature. Text source: