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APRIL 2023

Panama Metro arrives at Tocumen International Airport

11 April 2023
Panama Metro arrives at Tocumen International Airport

With the inauguration of the branch of the Panama Metro, the Tocumen international airport takes a great leap in quality and regional competitiveness, connecting the airport with the center of the capital city in a comfortable, fast, economical and efficient way.


Starting this Wednesday, March 15, from 2:00 p.m. The Panama Metro begins the commercial operation of trains that connect the airport with the Corredor Sur and ITSE stations. Passengers, employees and users of the airport will be able to move quickly and comfortably to Albrook and vice versa.


Raffoul Arab, manager of Tocumen S.A., indicated that the arrival of the Metro at the airport is an added value that offers the opportunity to those passengers in transit who have a few hours, to get to know and live a little with Panamanians in their day to day. visit places of interest, shopping centers and restaurants outside the air terminals.


The performance that Tocumen has shown, overcoming the adverse conditions generated by the COVID 19 pandemic, supports the investment that the country has made by complementing a modern and efficient land connectivity system with Terminal 2, which we put into full operation on last June and with Terminal 1, added Arab.


Between both terminals, approximately 5,000 passengers a day enter and leave the country and, in high seasons, more than 10,000 passengers a day. In addition, airport activity generates a floating population, estimated at 15,000 people, including passengers, companions, employees, officials of tax, administrative, health and police authorities, concessionaires, contractors, subcontractors and providers of various services that converge every day in this airport.

 Convenience and environmental management

It should be noted that Tocumen, in addition to its privileged and incomparable geographical position, as of today is the only airport in the entire region connected to a land mass mobility system such as this Metro.

 Arab considers that, from the point of view of the passenger, it is a great advantage. But, also from the environmental point of view, it is a valuable facility that contributes to reducing the impact of airport activities, by reducing CO2 emissions derived from the use of private cars that consume fossil fuels.

In this sense, the operations of the Metro to the Tocumen international airport complement the actions carried out by Tocumen, S.A. within the framework of its comprehensive environmental management policy, which seeks to be certified as a green airport.


Regional competitiveness and investments

Tocumen International Airport faces a lot of competition from several North and South American airports that have made, and are currently making, substantial investments to develop hub models like ours. In other words, the competition wants the business of Panama.


Thanks to the vision, leadership and support of the President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo Cohen, this year and next, Tocumen S.A. will execute projects for more than 60 million dollars in improvements to passenger terminals and runways.


Regarding the Metro, we will soon have a safe and friendly pedestrian crossing between both terminals with this station. In addition, we will maintain the free and permanent transport service that connects both terminals with the Metro station and with the Metro Bus.

 About Tocumen, S.A.

Tocumen, S.A. is a company 100% owned by the Panamanian State, created by Law 23 of January 29, 2003. It is regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority and meets the standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). He self-manages his income, contributes to the State, to the Tourism Authorities of Panama, Civil Aeronautics; to the National Commission for the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation Crimes (CONAPREDES), and is subject to the general laws and regulations applicable to public institutions in the country. It is responsible for the operation and administration of the Tocumen International Airport, the main entry and exit gate of Panama and air hub of the region.

It also manages and operates a cargo terminal and the Enrique Malek regional terminals in Chiriquí; Panama Pacific, in Panama West; Scarlett Martínez in the Province of Coclé and Enrique Jiménez in the province of Colón. Source: 



 Panama is the most advanced country in Central America, best known for its Interoceanic Canal, for its Banking Area, and for its Free Zone.

 It is a beautiful and exotic tropical paradise, two and a half hours from Miami, located on a narrow strip of land that connects North America with South America.

 Panama is located in Central America, bordering on the southeast of Costa Rica. There are daily direct flights to Panama from Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, South America and the Caribbean. Traveling by plane to Panama from Miami takes 2.5 hours and most cruise ships also disembark at its ports.


Panama has received the highest rating in tourism security by the world-renowned Pinkerton Intelligence Agency. The stability of the government has been characterized for decades and the local population sees tourists and foreign investors as friends who help in the development of the local economy.


Unlike its neighbors, Panama is not affected by hurricanes or earthquakes. Additionally, Panama has different types of climates ranging from the cold in the high mountains to the heat of its beautiful beaches in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans as well as the tropics in its forested areas.


The temperature is usually warm in the lowlands throughout the year with high temperatures of 90ºF and low temperatures of 72ºF. The temperature in the mountains is much cooler and the rainfall is more intense on the Caribbean side and less on the Pacific coast side, which is where Panama City is located.


Panama has many natural resources to enjoy such as its beautiful beaches along the Pacific and Atlantic beaches, exuberant vegetation, with a great diversity of flora and fauna, numerous islands along its coasts, beautiful coral collections, and a great variety of peaces in its seas. Panama is a tropical paradise to discover and enjoy.


The AARP Magazine (American Association of Retired Persons) has classified Panama as one of the four most important destinations to live abroad. If you have dreamed of finding a tropical paradise with white sands, beautiful landscapes, rich biodiversity, all kinds of modern life facilities and a population that invites you to feel at home, then Panama is your ideal destination.


  • Tropical climate all year
  • Cold if you go to the mountains
  • Lush vegetation and fauna
  • Beautiful beaches on the Atlantic and the Pacific
  • You can choose between living in the capital, cities in the interior, countryside, mountains, lakes, beaches and rivers.
  • top quality water
  • air without pollution
  • Free movement of the dollar
  • Special discounts for all seniors in shops and services
  • international banking center
  • Great opportunities to invest
  • The best malls in America
  • Numerous housing projects with very affordable prices, for all economic levels
  • Numerous restaurants with international cuisine, Mexican, Argentine, Brazilian, Swiss, German, Spanish, Indian, Arabic, Panamanian and many more
  • Events, fairs, large parades, art exhibitions, concerts, plays, day and night entertainment, as well as internal tourism.
  • International schools in English
  • prestigious universities
  • democratic government
  • Stable economy
  • Excellent communications system
  • Labor at affordable prices


General Information about Panama


Panama is a sovereign country of America that is located in the extreme southeast of Central America, which is also its subdivision. Its official name is the Republic of Panama and its capital is Panama City. The republic is made up of 9 provinces and 6 indigenous regions. It limits to the North with the Caribbean Sea, to the South with the Pacific Ocean, to the East with Colombia and to the West with Costa Rica. It has an extension of 77,082 km². Located on the isthmus that joins South America with Central America, its mountainous territory is only interrupted by the Panama Canal. Its population is 3,474,562 inhabitants.


Official Name: Republic of Panama.

Capital: Panama City.

Nationality: Panamanian.

Land Area, Population and Density: 75,517 Km2. squares; 2,839,177 inhabitants, 81 inhabitants per square mile.

Political Division: 9 provinces and 6 counties.

Government: Presidential Republic.

Official language: SPANISH.

Other Languages: English.

Climate: Tropical and the temperature is usually uniform throughout the year. The average temperature is 27 degrees C.

Catolic religion.

Currency: The Balboa and the U.S. dollar. Panama's own coins are equivalent in size and value to those of the United States.


Welcome to Panama

Geographically located in Central America and bathed by the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, Panama has a strategic position to unite the American continent with the world, thanks to the Panama Canal and the Hub of the Americas, through its national and international airlines.

With its sustained economic growth and a great opening to foreign investment, Panama has become the center of many businesses, as well as the residence of citizens from all over the world, who are looking for a friendly, comfortable, safe, economical and beautiful place.

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