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Tsar Events Panama DMC & PCO Privacy Policy was updated in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).

With the acceptance of our Privacy Policy you agree with submitting your personal information and you authorize us to proceed and process this information following the below Privacy policy.

The following Privacy Policy provides all details about our company’s personal data collecting, personal data processing and personal data administration procedures, rules and principles. They address all online/email/telephone or walk in registrations, requests and enquiries and the information we might need to perform the requested service and provided the required information. The same rules apply to the organizing and conducting marketing campaigns and research, customer satisfaction surveys and distributing messages to our newsletters subscribers. As a company, who protects the legal rights and acting in the best interest of its customers when it comes to confidentiality, transparency and protection of their personal data, we inform you, that if you disagree with any of the conditions in this Privacy policy, we do recommend to neither use Tsar Events Panama DMC & PCO website nor its services.

Tsar Events Panama DMC & PCO collects personal information from you in a number of different ways. We consider your privacy to be extremely important.

  • Web registration form
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Your participation in marketing campaigns, expos etc

When you are registering on our website to request services or enquire rates, infos, or simply subscribing for our newsletter, it is possible that we ask for your personal data such as: your full name, company name, company address, telephone number, email address etc. We demand this information ONLY to be able to provide the requested services, quotation and/or information. You submit your own personal data voluntarily. We are unable to process your enquiry and provide the requested services and/or information if you do not declare your acceptance, that Tsar Events Panama DMC & PCO will be processing your personal data according to this Privacy Policy. Your agreement can be withdrawn at any time by sending us an email to . You will receive our confirmation for the deletion of your personal data in a reasonable time frame and not more than one month.

We consider you privacy extremely important. Therefore we commit to the non-disclosure of the provided personal details to third parties, unless:

  • we have your exclusive permission
  • we are obliged by low to provide the requested information
  • we cannot perform the requested services without transferring this information to the third party — hotel, tour operator, transport companies, airlines, insurance companies and other service providers and suppliers

Our company policies and principles of processing, transferring and administrating personal information.

Conformity with law. We strictly follow the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation).

Transparency. We commit to provide information upon your request about the type of the personal data, that is being processed by Tsar Events Panama DMC & PCO. You have the right to access your personal information, revise and update it, delete it or limit its usage, to raise an objection and stop the usage of your personal data and finally request a soft or paper copy of your personal details we process. The copies will be sent within a month against the receipt of a written request from your side. The same deadline is valid for processing a personal data deletion request.

Expediency. We collect details, that are corresponding to the services you requested and they will be used only for the purposes you instructed us with – hotel reservation, flight ticket booking, transfer service, conference facilities etc.

Limitation. We request only information, which is essential for providing the requested services. We do not require personal information, unless it is absolutely necessary for processing your enquiry/order and providing the requested services and/or information.

Punctuality and accuracy. While collecting and processing your personal data, we always make sure it is updated and correct.

Privacy. Tsar Events Panama DMC & PCO guarantees the confidentiality of the collected personal data. We implemented a combination of technical measures, internal procedures and formalities we coordinated with our legal advisors, data security trainings for our employees, regular data security audits. All efforts aim the highest level of protection for our client’s and partner’s personal data we are operating with.

Declaration of acceptance. We give the opportunity to all our customers/users and partners to explicitly declare their agreement for collection, processing and administration of their personal data, anytime we might need any personal details for processing a request/order and provide required information.

We will use your personal data according to this privacy policy.

We collect different type of personal information:

Name, address, email address, telephone number, mobile number, credit card details, IP – address or any other type of voluntarily provided personal information, as far as need to respond to your request and provide the requested services and products, such as group and individual accommodation reservation, transfers, ground transportation, flight tickets, travel insurance, event planning and coordinating, booking of conference and banquet facilities, stand building and expo related services and other Tsar Events Panama DMC & PCO provides trading as a tour operator and expo industry service provider.

The credit card details will be used only for processing payments or as a guarantee for a reservation you requested and confirmed if applicable according to the booking terms you agreed to. Please note, that we might use external payment platforms for processing the card payment, which meet all international standards for secure online payments.


The information you provide to us will be held on computers and may be accessed by or given to our staff and to third parties, including hotel suppliers and hotels, for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy, i.e. to provide you with products or services, or as otherwise agreed with you.

You acknowledge that it may be necessary for your information to be processed by such parties and that it may be transferred to someone who provides a service to us in another countries, including some outside of the European Economic Area, and you consent to such processing and transfer. If it is necessary to transfer your personal information outside of the European Economic Area we will make every effort to ensure that the person to whom we pass the personal information agrees to treat it with the same level of protection as we do.

Unless required by law, we will not otherwise share, sell or distribute any personal information you provide to us without your consent.


If you contact us and provide us with information, we may keep a record of that correspondence (including email messages and phone calls).

What do we do with the information we collect

We may use your information in the following ways:

  • To contact you to respond to enquiries
  • To provide services, products, process payment, and authenticate access (where required).
  • To analyse the performance or the appropriateness of products or services.
  • To comply with legal and regulatory requirements (including responding to court orders, subpoenas and to prevent crime). These special circumstances may require us to disclose personal information.
  • To contact you if your actions violate your agreement with us (if any).
  • To fix errors and analyse trends.
  • To market our products or services to you.

Unless you have notified us otherwise, Tsar Events Panama DMC & PCO may occasionally send you email to tell you about new products, solicit feedback, or just to keep you up to date with what's going on. We try to keep this type of information to a minimum. If you no longer wish to receive such communications from us, please follow the unsubscribe instructions provided in any of the communications, or contact us using the contact details provided below.

Declaration of Acceptance

I hereby declare:

  1. I agree that Tsar Events Panama DMC & PCO is collecting, administrating and processing my personal data as follows: full name, postal address, email address, mobile number, credit card information, IP address and any other personal details, which I willingly provided, as far as this details are necessary for processing my request, processing payment and providing the requested services. Tsar Events Panama DMC & PCO as a tour operator is offering: hotel and private accommodation, transfers, ground transportation, flight ticket reservation, event planning and reservation of banquet and conference facilities and other travel services. Tsar Events Panama DMC & PCO collects personal information only as long as it is absolutely necessary for the flowless performing the requested services in the most professional manner. Tsar Events Panama DMC & PCO implemented new procedures and updated its Pricacy policy in order to keep up with the highest standards of the most recent national and EU data protection legislation.
  2. I am informed and I do agree that the personal data defined in 1. will be processed as follows:

2.1. performing travel and accommodation services, organizing trips, hotel bookings, private accommodation reservation, flight tickets, transfers, conference rooms, arranging ground transportation, travel insurance, promoting the company’s services, marketing campaigns.

2.2. email correspondence related to the provided services.

2.3. transferring information to third parties, partners and suppliers of the company, containing personal information about my trip in order to perform the requested services.

  1. I am informed and I agree that:

3.1. my personal data might be provided to third parties — administrative institutions and jurisdictional authorities, empowered by low to require and collect such personal information.

3.2. the personal data I provided might be processed and stored by the company for an unlimited period of time, unless I send an email to  and declare my wish all personal data to be deleted from the company data base.

3.3. my personal data will be transferred to other countries – EU and NON EU Members, as long as this concerns the services I requested and the company has the assurance that the transferred data will be handled and administrated in accordance with the General Data Privacy Regulation.

  1. I am informed and I agree that any email correspondence between me and the company related to the requested services is considered information freely accessible by the company and its employees and the company can process, transfer to third parties (suppliers, partners) and store this information for an unlimited period of time.
  2. I am informed and I agree that the company is forwarding the correspondence defined in 4. to employees, co-workers, lawyers and other.
  3. I am informed by Tsar Events Panama DMC & PCO about my rights:

6.1. I have the right to access to my personal data, processed by the Tsar Events Panama DMC & PCO. I need to send a written request to  for the attention of the manager, in order this access to be granted.

6.2. I am entitled to send a request for deleting, correcting and blocking of my personal data, if its processing does not comply with the applicable data protection legislation.

6.3. I have the right to demand that Tsar Events Panama DMC & PCO informs third parties about the deletion, correction and ban of my personal data, that has been disclosed, unless it is impossible for Tsar Events Panama DMC & PCO or it requires extraordinary efforts.

6.4. I have the right to be informed, that my personal data is being disclosed to third parties for marketing purposes and I can disagree at any time.

6.5. I have the right to disagree against the processing of my personal data for marketing purposes at any time and absolutely free of charge.

6.6. I have the right to disagree against the processing of my personal data at any time, if you consider our actions non -compliant to the data privacy legislation.

6.7. If there is a security issue, despite our strict internal security measures and procedures, you have the right to be informed within 72 hours.

6.8. Tsar Events Panama DMC & PCO implemented a combination of internal security procedures and technical measures, in order to guarantee the highest level of security protection of your personal data following strictly the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

6.9. If I am an individual at the age of 16 or less, my personal data will be provided only with the acceptance of my parent/legal guardian.

  1. I have read and I understand the Privacy Policy of Tsar Events Panama DMC & PCO.

How do we protect the information we collect

Tsar Events Panama  DMC & PCO is very concerned about protecting the confidentiality of your personal information. We have security measures, including administrative, physical and electronic measures, to protect against the loss, exposure, misuse or alteration of information that we have collected from you in the use of the services. These measures include SSL data encryption to transmit your personal information as well as technical architectures and systems to prevent unauthorised third parties from accessing your personal information.

What happens if these terms change

Although most changes are likely to be minor, Tsar Events Panama DMC & PCO may change this Privacy Policy from time to time, and at Tsar Events Panama DMC & PCO’s sole discretion. You may check this page for any changes to this Privacy Policy.

Legal notice

For further information on Tsar Events Panama DMC & PCO terms and conditions please see our terms of service mentioned in standard service agreement of Tsar Events Panama DMC & PCO.

For certain products and services we may also provide you with specific terms and conditions. Please refer to those specific legal notices for further information. This Privacy Policy is incorporated by reference into those legal notices.

How to contact us

You have a right to access your personal information which we are keeping and to obtain a copy of it. If you would like to do so please contact us by post to the address below.

Please submit any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, or about our use of your personal information by contacting us by postal mail at the following address av. 12 de Octubre, PH Torre 300, of. 1, Panama City,  Republic of Panama  by email: .