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12 Restaurants for your event in Panama

12 Restaurants for your event in Panama


Azahar Restaurant

Haute cuisine at its finest, signature cuisine of Western European style with important Asian influences. From the underground, only for good understanding, the restaurant is hidden behind a small florist shop. When crossing a cold room door that appears to be a flower fridge, there is an imposing restaurant with the best view of Panama City.

Wide spaces, pastel colors, lots of vegetation, and light. ​This project led by Architect Totón Sanchez achieves perfect harmony between the scene of the restaurant and the view of the old town submerged in the line that confuses the sky with the sea. The Tropical-Chic atmosphere of Azahar is sober and daring, luxurious with a daily sense. Large tables, comfortable areas worthy of our customers.

Bucanero's Restaurant & Tavern

Today Bucanero´s continues the tradition by bringing you the truely fresh treasures of the Pacific and Caribbean. Lobster, giant crab, colossal prawns, fish, clams, calamari, scallops, and octopus all make for a world class seafood restaurant. Imported U.S. prime beef and local farm raised pork, beef, and chicken of excellent quality make for the best of both worlds. Experience the treasures of both the land and sea. At Bucanero´s there is something special for everyone.

Welcome to the Bucanero’s experience, where our greatest satisfaction is to treat you as our special guest and share Panamanian haute cuisine with your loved ones. As one of the oldest restaurants in Amador, Bucanero’s has been rising for 20 years as a gastronomic and tourist enclave in Isla Flamenco. Its picturesque terrace and cozy balconies give visitors and diners spectacular views of the Canal, the marina and Panama City.

As a family business, our philosophy is to serve you by being the best hosts, as we were taught at home. Every detail, every recipe, ingredient, and presentation is tested and approved by the owners, who will greet you personally. Together with our team, we do everything to guarantee that your meal will be timely, that all biosecurity measures are complied with, and that we create a warm and pleasant environment to enjoy as a family, as a couple, friends or co-worker

Casa Blanca restaurant at famous Bolivar Square

Casa Blanca is located in the heart of the old city center of panama. This restaurant was founded in 2005 and since that date they have brought great ethnic mixes or the typical food of the Pacific and Caribbean.

Casa Blanca is an urban restaurant decorated in a rustic style that fits in perfectly with its surroundings. They offer their clients with a wide variety of different meals and a large specially selected wine list to pick from for a very reasonable price.

Casa Blanca restaurant is a classic, fresh and casual restaurant icon in the city of Panama founded in September 2005, located in the historic center, opposite the emblematic Plaza Bolívar, providing an excellent dining experience, with a cuisine that combines flavors of the sea and meat from first, their main objective is to make guests have unforgettable moments.

Casa Blanca restaurant have an extensive wine list carefully selected to provide an excellent pairing that makes a harmony with the dishes of their menu. Casa Blanca restaurant has two rooms, a living room and the terrace facing the restaurant in Plaza Bolívar.

La Vespa Restaurant (Italiano)

Without exception, foodies and fans of Italian food are celebrating the joys of perfection in the top Italian restaurant in Panama City - La Vespa - with its two different, but equally surprising locations.

 Leños & Carbon at Amador Causeway with the best view to Panama City Skyline

Leños & Carbon is one of the favorite restaurants of all Panamanians and visitors. It offers latinamerican style grilled meat, fish and seafood, delicious salads and appetizers, pastas. The main attraction of the restaurant and what makes it so popular is its gorgeous view to the city skyline, through fabulous yachts of Flamenco Marina.

Tomillo Restaurant

Among the ruins of an ancient building in Casco Viejo is Tomillo Panama, a restaurant that stands out for its casual and romantic atmosphere, with a terrace that evokes the past. All of this is accompanied by one of the best gastronomic experience in the City. Under the tutelage of the renowned Panamanian Chef Felipe Milanes, Tomillo Panama offers a cuisine inspired by local and organic products, within the influence of Caribbean and Central America essences using a concept of shared dishes or tapas, with the purpose of combining flavors of the world.


Don Caimán Restaurant at Chagres River in Gamboa Rainforest

The restaurant has an amazing view of the Chagres River including a stretch of he Panama Canal itself. As we enjoy a delicious lunch we will be treated to the spectacle of huges ships passing as we dine. From the terrace the waiters will give us bread to throw into the river below. Alligators, colourful tropical birds, dozens of large turtles and fish will flock to gobble up the bread - great fun and unforgettable moments.

Tinajas Restaurant (Panamanian Folklore Dinner)

Panama has been a melting pot for several cultures. Originally, native indian groups created their acoustic instruments using parts of plants and shells of different animals, and later Spanish conquerors brought their influence from the Old World. The Afro-Caribbeans also contributed to it when they came for the Canal construction. These and other small groups gave birth to, what is today, one of the most attractive and folkloric heritages of Latin America.

Enjoy the fabulous show while tasting excellent Panamanian cuisine.

Caliope Restaurant

Located on the third floor of the Teatro Amador, in the heart of the magical Old Town of Panama City, is Caliope, the restaurant that presents impeccably, and under the button of chef Martino Pace, the fusion of international cuisine with Patio ingredients, which makes each dish not only a unique experience but also evokes memories of flavours already forgotten in the palate.

Maito Restaurant

Maito is a Panamanian fusion restaurant launched by Mario Castrellón, a Spanish chef, who not only stresses local ingredients but has on-site herb and vegetable gardens. It´s one of 50 best restaurants in Latin America. Hidden among a tangled thicket of bamboo and banana trees in Coco del Mar, the restaurant is the chef’s ode to local ingredients and the globally inspired fusion that defines Panamanian cooking today, featuring dishes like langoustine tule masi, a traditional stew of the indigenous Kuna tribe made with coconut and plantains.

Though it feels more laid-back than some of Panama City's classic fine dining restaurants, the food coming out of this kitchen is the most innovative and exciting in the city, if not the entire country. Maito is set in a Canal-style house with stone floors and plenty of patio seating, plus its own organic garden, the harvest of which gets incorporated into the menu. The kitchen infuses elements from the cuisine of the country's many ethnicities, ranging from Chinese to indigenous groups to the Afro-Panamanian fare of the Caribbean coast. The menu changes often, though expect to find plates like farm-raised octopus with a honey glaze, or short ribs with coconut aioli, representative of the new class of future-forward Panamanian food that's being invented here.

Salvaje Restaurant & Rooftop

Authentic Japanese and Mediterranean fusion cuisine combined with Latin American touches. Salvaje Restaurant and Rooftop came to transform the local gastronomic offer, raising the culinary standards to the level of big cosmopolitan cities like New York, Miami, and London.

Lazotea Restaurant & Rooftop

Lazotea is located on the rooftop of Hotel Casa Panama and boasts great ocean and city views. It’s an ideal place to have dinner & drinks before heading out to one of the more rowdy places in Casco Viejo to party. The best thing about the experience of Latin America is represented in menu of restaurant, with delicious regional dishes and exotic drinks.

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