Our destinations: Panama

Events in Panama (January - March 2023)

Pan American Club Crew Championships 2023 (16 – 19 March 2023)

With the support of the Pan American Dragon Boat Federation and the Trinidad & Tobago Dragon Boat Federation, this sport started in Panama just seven years ago and it was very successful immediately with 2 yearly races. We also gained very valuable experience with our participation in the PACCC in Puerto Rico and in Trinidad & Tobago, which gave us the confidence to host PACCC 2023. Panama City, the capital of the Republic of Panama, is a very cosmopolitan city, a delightful combination of the historic and the modern, the International and the Latino, with a Manhattan-like skyline, framed by the Pacific Ocean and the man-made Panama Canal

Besides the Panama Canal for sightseeing, shopping in Panama is amazing and the prices are incredibly low. In fact, Albrook Mall is a shopping mecca for visitors from the Caribbean, South and Central America. If you are into shopping, you may wish to travel with an empty suitcase. The race site area is called Amador where the water is alongside a park.

PACCC 2023 expects to stage even more categories of races including Breast Cancer Survivors’ races. The Championship will be 4 days of races, Thursday March 16th -Sunday march 19th, 2023.This would give more flexibility for race scheduling and give the Paddlers greater flexibility to enter more categories of races.

Expected countries to participate are Canada, USA, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Trinidad & Tobago, Brazil and Panama. Allowance can be made for any teams in the Pan Am region that are not members, to participate.

There will be the usual opening ceremony on Wednesday March 15th 2023 and a closing party on Sunday March 19th.

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