Our destinations: Panama




Reason #1: PANAMA CITY - Transport Hub of Latin America

 Panama is a key connecting point for travel throughout Latin America, with its largest airport, Tocumen International, being the busiest in Central America. Located on the outskirts of Panama City and currently is undergoing a major expansion, the airport is home to Copa Airlines, which 180 flights to 55 destinations in 27 countries, the most extensive service available in the region. Its routes are complemented by more than 20 other airlines, which serve Tocumen from Europe and the Americas.

Direct Flights from Europe:

Paris (10 hrs 10 min)  by Air France

Madrid  (9 hrs 50 min)  by Iberia

Frankfurt on Main   (10 hrs 50 min)  by Lufthansa Airlines

Amsterdam (10 hrs 05 min)  by KLM Airlines

Direct Flights from Americas:

By Copa Airlines -

Miami (2 hrs 55 min) by  Copa, American Airlines

Orlando (3 hrs 20 min)  by Copa Airlines

Tampa (3 hrs 27 min)  by Copa Airlines

Ft. Lauderdale (3 hrs 39 min) by Copa Airlines

Atlanta (4 hrs 06 min) by Delta Airlines

Houston (4 hrs 10 min)  by United Airlines

Washington, D.C. (4 hrs 47 min)  by Copa Airlines

New York (5 hrs 29 min)  by Copa Airlines

Toronto (5 hrs 29 min) by Copa Airlines

Boston (5 hrs 30 min)  by Copa Airlines

Chicago (5 hrs 32 min) by Copa Airlines

Los Angeles (6 hrs 21 min)  by Copa Airlines

Las Vegas (6 hrs 27 min) by Copa Airlines

Rio de Janeiro (7 hrs 19 min)  by Copa, Avianca



Reason #2: Welcome Party at HIGHEST night club in Latin America (BITS Rooftop Lounge at Hard Rock Hotel)

It is called «bar in the sky». On the 62nd floor at the Hard Rock Hotel you will find the highest located nightclub of Latina America. Enjoy cocktails with sparkling city views by night with one central indoor space, four luxurious outdoor lounges, and spectacular panoramic 360º views, it's also the perfect way to elevate your private party or event.



Reason #3: Take Trans-Isthmian Railway (the OLDEST in America)  to Caribbean coast of Panama

At 06:20 AM we pick you up from the hotel and go to the railway station where we take a train to the Caribbean coast. The train leaves at 07:15 AM, the trip from Panama City to Colon lasts 1 hour. You will travel across Panama, past the Panama Canal via the famous Trans-Isthmian Railway.

This railway has a long history. It was built in 1850 to facilitate the travel of the Gold seekers going to San Francisco from the US East coast. The line flanks the Panama Canal passing through lush rainforests, cruising alongside the locks, through the historic Gaillard Cut, and gliding over slender causeways in Gatun Lake. You will ride the historic railroads as did our forefathers in their quest for wealth during the California Gold Rush.

The vehicle waits for the tourists at the railway station in Colon City.

Then, we will go to the right side of the Panama Canal heading towards the San Lorenzo National Park. The San Lorenzo Fort was built by the Spanish in 1596. Standing at the farthest point, 25 meters above the sea level, to get a clear view of the Chagres River and the Caribbean Sea, you can only wonder how many people admired the same view during these 400 years of history of the fort.

The Caribbean side of Panama with beautiful virgin beaches, islands and bays, will tell you about the history and the conquest of Portobelo.

The way back to Panama City takes approximately 2 hours.


Reason #4: Meet with Embera Indians at Jungle Village

It’s the best way to go back in time to the beginnings of the civilization. You will go wild with this outstanding tour to the heart of the jungle, to where the native Panamanian Indians still live in total harmony with Mother Nature in the village of Tusipono in the Chagres National Park.

This tour will get you out of the XXI century comfort zone and will make you look differently at the magic of life.

You will learn about the pre-Columbian history of Panama, the origin of the Embera tribe, their customs and traditions. They make incredibly beautiful and sophisticated baskets, tagua nut carvings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

Refresh your mind and body in cool and crystal clean waters of a tropical waterfall, dance with the Indians their ancient dances, try delicious local food, feel the fresh air on your face and get totally renewed at the Chagres National Park.

The lunch is included. Guide english or Spanish is included

Pick up from the hotel at 08:00 AM. Back to the hotel at 04:00 PM.

We highly recommend wearing closed running shoes with laces. On the way to the waterfall, you have to cross the river. Be ready to get your shoes wet, the level of the river may vary according to the season.


Reason #5: PRIVATE PARTY  at PANAMA CANAL (with view to passing ships)

The Panama Canal is a must do in Panama. Not to visit it would be a sin. We would like to offer you an  outstanding evening at Miraflores Visitors Center with the best view to the locks, ships going through it on their way from one ocean to another. There is no other place like this in Panama, where ocean meets, and people can celebrate the greatness of human mind and achievements. At night the Panama Canal looks even more splendid and breathtaking.

Experience the magnificence of Panama Canal in a whole new way!  The terrace and dining room of the fine restaurant at the Miraflores Panama Canal Visitors Center offers you a unique view of the Panama Canal Miraflores Locks. Enjoy a buffet lunch or private dinner at the International Miraflores Restaurant overlooking the canal. Watch ships going in an out of the locks — whether into the port or out to the Pacific Ocean.

Recommended for groups up to 250 pax


Reason #6: Kayaking Tour & Monkey Island speed boat tour at Gatun Lake Floating Lodge

Start your Panama tour by getting some exercise in the great outdoors. Breathe in that fresh air as you glide past a tropical paradise.

You will be transferred via motor boat to a floating lodge. From here you will board two person kayaks and head up a nearby river. The river is narrow and winds deeper into the surrounding forest.

Depending on the time of year, there may be an early morning fog. Many types of birds and animals can be viewed in their native habitat. On the return trip back down river we will visit a special place where you can swim and cool off.

As we return to the dock via motorboat, we will visit Monkey Island to see wildlife. Here you will find abundant fauna represented by tortoises, crocodiles, different birds, sloths, iguanas, and several kinds of monkeys such as capuchins, tamarins, and howlers monkeys.

After the tour you are going to have lunch in the Gamboa resort.

Duration of the full program – 4 hours, plus lunch

Maximum at the same tine - 100 pax maximum (50 for kayaking and 50 for boat tour)


Reason #7: Aerial Tram experiance at Soberania National Park

Embark on a thrilling lake adventure and take in the sights and sounds of a tropical rainforest. Great for both kids and adults, this tour takes you to Gatun Lake, which was at one point the world's largest man-made lake. Travel along picturesque roads that once connected the Panama Canal's support buildings to nearby towns and military bases before taking to the water.

During Aerial Tram tour you will see the forest from a breathtaking perspective, while sitting comfortably in the Swiss-engineered aerial tram system. Gliding smoothly through the treetops, you will experience the sounds and peace of the tropical rainforest firsthand. You will discover the splendid panoramic views of the Chagres River, the Panama Canal, the Embera Indians Village, and the town of Gamboa.

Recommended to combine with visit the Sloth rescue center, the butterflies and orchid expositions, and the Frogs center at Gamboa Wilkdlife Rescue center, or Zip-Line and Monkey Island boat tour.

After the tour you can have lunch in the Gamboa resort.



Reason #8: ZIP-line experience at Soberania National Park

You will have the opportunity to enjoy first hand the tropical forest in an exciting adventure that will allow you to rise through the treetops in a series of zip lines, enjoying the wonders of nature from an incredible (and safe) point of view.

You can glide over the treetops of the tropical forest over 1.4 kilometers in length divided into 10 cables and 12 stations, admire the most incredible collection of natural landscapes that border the Panama Canal and Soberania National Park and enjoy a different view of the Canal and the Chagres River.

Recommended to combine with visit the Sloth rescue center, the butterflies and orchid expositions, and the Frogs center at Gamboa Wilkdlife Rescue center, or Aerial Tram and Monkey Island boat tour.

After the tour you can have lunch in the Gamboa resort.

Gamboa General Information:

Aerial tram: 100 per round with audio guide.

16 gondolas x 6 people each one

2 gondolas #3 & #10 x 4 people + baby stroller or wheelchair

Duration only aerial tram - 1h15 min aprox.

Plus Ecology Exhibitions 1h aprox.

Zip Line: 8:30 a.m./ 11:00 a.m. / 2 p.m. 16:30 (Duration 2.5 hours, capacity 30 people)

  Ecology exhibitions: 1 hour aprox., available 8 a.m. -  4 p.m.


Reason #9: Bar Hopping at Heart of Old Panama - Casco Viejo

In 1671, after the Pirate Henry Morgan attacked, looted and destroyed the Old City, Panama Viejo. Its residents and settlers, desperate for a safer and easier location to defend themselves against future seige, decided on what is now Casco Viejo (The Old Quarter).

This unique walled city, consisting of 16th & 17th Century Spanish Colonial Architecture, is a gem which was unknown to most of the outside world until 1997 when UNESCO named Casco Viejo a World Heritage Site. Shortly there after, investments and foreign expats started to poor into Casco Viejo (at that time a deteriorating slum which most Panamanians wouldn't dare visit) in what has been one of the greatest and fastest urban revitalizations in all of the Americas!

Today, Casco Viejo (aka. Casco Antiguo, San Felipe or El Casco) is a vibrant community consisting of a sharp contrast of old and new, local and foreign. The buildings are in various stages or redevelopment and renovation, with a strictly enforced standard of Historical Authenticity. There is tremendous culture and a feeling which is unique only to this neighborhood in Panama.


Reason #10: Day in Paradise beach at Pearl Island

We begin to board the boats at 8:30am where you will greeted by our Captain, chef and crew and a very nice full breakfast, we head to the Pearl Islands at 9 am.

Let us assure our las perlas beach fun day adventure cruise is nothing short of spectacular.

As we head to beautiful Viveros Island at the Pearls, keep your eyes open to catch sight of the dolphins jumping around our vessel.

As we arrive at Viveros Island we will transport you to the beach on our smaller boats already standing by for our arrival.

Once in the beach you can enjoy beautiful swims on crystal clear Pearl Islands waters, and walks on white sandy beaches.

On the island our guides set up activities for you such as beach volleyball, beach soccer, and of course we have an amazing DJ on board and on the beach.

A full bbq is prepared on the beach for you by our chef, and you may also  have cocktails and beers on the beach.

As we end our day we head back to the city. On the way back we will enjoy the beautiful sunsets Panama has to offer.

Pick up from hotel 7:45-8 a.m.

Ride to flamenco island 30 min

9 a.m.  - 11 a.m. boat ride to Isla Viveros

11 a.m. - 3 p.m. beach day (4 hours)

3 p.m - 5 p.m. boat ride back to the city, Ride to hotel


Reason #11: Award Ceremony & Dinner at Legendary Biodiversity Museum (the ONLY Frank Genhry building in Latin America)

Have your welcome dinner with a reception at –Biomuseo, the only project of world know architect Frank Genhry in Latin America!

The Biomuseo is the latest cultural and eco-tourism destination! The Biomuseo is situated within view of the Pacific Ocean to the east and the entrance to the Panama Canal to the west, placing it at the forefront of a new cultural and eco-tourist center for the region.

The Biomuseo is the latest interactive museum conceived by Gehry, whose projects in Bilbao, Spain and other cities have help to revitalize cultural centers.

At the heart of Frank Gehry’s design for the Biomuseo is a public outdoor atrium covered by a lively assemblage of metal canopies in different shapes and strong colors: blue, red, yellow, green.

The museum has a public a 6-acre (2.4-hectare) Biodiversity Park.


Reason #12: Gala Dinner at Panama Viejo (the FIRST settlement in Americas)

Unique venue for your event,  have a themed dinner- Pirate Themed Dinner, Traditional Folklore Style Dinner,  Gala Dinner  on the ruins of Old City.

Founded on August 15, 1519, by Spanish conquistador Pedro Arias de Ávila, the city of Panamá was the first European settlement along the Pacific which was later destroyed by Capitan Henry Morgan. Today Panamá Viejo is the remaining part of the old Panama City and former capital of the country. It is located in the suburbs of the modern city. Together with the historical district of Panamá, it forms a World Heritage Site from 1997.

Panama Viejo allows the use of three of its monument areas for events: the Panama Viejo cathedral, La Concepción convent, and the Jesuits convent.

For events that are held inside the Historical Monument Complex (HMC) a request must be presented with all the required information at least 60 days prior to the event.