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16 National Parks of Panama Republic (part 1)

There are 16 national parks in Panama, you can explore each national park above in more depth as they become available for you to discover and learn more about. Many of these areas are part of the national park system, which includes 13 national and marine parks, and one international park. Panama's first national park, Parque Nacional Altos de Campana, was created in 1966 and all other parks have been established since then.


More than a third of the country is conformed by protected natural reserves, focused on the conservation of its ecosystems. Most of these protected areas are part of the National Park system. Some of these parks are near the heart of the city, just 30 minutes away from downtown. Here are some National Parks all around the country for your next nature-filled adventure in Panama.


Here is the list of all National Parks of Panama Republic:

  1. Altos de Campana National Park
  2. Barro Colorado Island
  3. Cerro Hoya National Park
  4. Chagres National Park
  5. Coiba National Park
  6. Darién National Park
  7. Omar Torrijos "El Cope" National Park
  8. Golfo de Chiriquí National Park
  9. Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park
  10. La Amistad International Park
  11. Las Cruces Trail National Park
  12. Metropolitan National Park
  13. Portobelo National Park
  14. Sarigua National Park
  15. Soberanía National Park
  16. Volcan Baru National Park


Coiba National Park

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005, Coiba Marine Park is a marine reserve located off of Panama’s Pacific coast in the Gulf of Chiriquí. Once a penal colony, access to the island was historically limited, allowing much of the area’s natural resources to survive untouched. Today, the marine park boasts some of the greatest biological diversity in the world.

Coiba is a world-class diving destination on the same corridor as the Galapagos Islands, offering access to Bahia Damas Reef, the largest reef on the western coastline of the American continent. A dive there means you’ll have the chance to see manta rays, whales and hammerhead sharks. If you come between December and April, you might just see some of the biggest fish in the ocean, the whale sharks! 

Not into diving? You can still experience the local wildlife by taking a whale watching tour, or a hike through the island’s untouched rainforest. Look out for over 147 bird species, as well as monkeys, crocodiles and iguanas. And, if surfing’s your thing, you’ve come to the right place. Coiba’s surrounding beaches offer some of the best, most consistent waves in Central America.


Darién National Park

Welcome to the Jungle! At 5,750 square kilometers, Darien National Park is the largest national park in Panama, and the largest protected area in Central America and the Carribean—not to mention one of Central America’s most untamed regions. This extensive jungle features endless virgin rainforests, premontane and montane forests, cloud forests and dwarf forests, as well as large mangroves. You’ll also find meandering rivers such as the Tuira or the Chucunaque, an astounding array of unique wildlife, including the jaguar and the harpy eagle, plus mountain ranges that reach more than 2,500 meters in elevation. As one of the most important UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Central America, Darien is a Biosphere Reserve and the focus of many conservation efforts in Panama. In fact, after the Amazon rainforest, Darien National Park is considered the most important “natural lung” in the Americas. 

Recommended for true adventurers only, the park is rainy, humid and extremely remote, with two popular areas to visit. One of them is Santa Cruz de Cana, or Cana. Located in the middle of the park along the eastern slope of Cerro Pirre (or Pirre Hill), the area was once a mining town where the Spanish discovered gold in 1665. Today, it’s one of the most pristine outdoor areas in Panama, and among the top locations in the country for birdwatching. Look out for colorful macaws, tanagers, manakins, eagles and hummingbirds, as well as other wildlife such as howler and spider monkeys, white-lipped peccaries and Baird’s Tapirs. Explore the jungle on one of five hiking trails in the area, which offer views of the forest and the old mining operations. 

On the other side of Cerro Pirre, you’ll find Pirre Station—another hiking destination inside the great jungle. Also known as Rancho Frío, this area is replete with lush nature and an abundance of wildlife that includes woodpeckers, monkeys, tamarins and sloths. When you get to Pirre Station, you’ll find a basic dormitory, outhouse and kitchen, but you’ll have to bring your own gear for sleeping and eating. 
This trip is for the truly adventurous, and we highly recommend visiting with a local tour or guide. If you decide to go, you’ll find the park 325 kilometers from Panama City on the eastern edge of the isthmus at the border with Colombia. From Panama City, fly to El Real, the closest community to the park. For something a bit more adventurous, travel by road to the community of Yaviza, and then continue to El Real by boat.


The Gulf of Chiriquí National Park

The Gulf of Chiriqui extends along Panama’s Pacific coast from the Costa Rican border to the Azuero Peninsula. It offers abundant vegetation, charming white-sand islands and one of the largest coral reefs in the Pacific, making it one of the best destinations for big-game fishing, diving and snorkeling. The gulf is also home to one of Central America’s densest mangrove forests, as well as Panama’s largest island, Coiba Island. On your visit, you can tour within the islands and mangrove areas of the National Marine Park. Plus, due to the rich biodiversity of the gulf, you’ll also find lots of conservation projects that research and protect the area. 

The Gulf of Chiriqui National Marine Park comprises all of the islands in the gulf, as well as the reefs, mangroves and animal life. This protected area of the country is one of the best sites for birdwatching in Panama. In addition, the gulf is known for being one of the world’s most prolific big game and sport fishing grounds, especially on Hannibal Bank and Isla Montuosa.

Visit the Gulf of Chiriqui for world-class diving and snorkeling, as well as laid-back beach time on the islands. Isla Parida, Isla Gamez and Isla Bolanos are all charming white-sand islands where you can spend the day. For a private beach and luxury accommodations, choose to visit Isla Secas. 

Visitors can get to Boca Chica, which is 266 miles from Panama City by car (a 6-hour ride), or by flying to David, Chiriqui and then traveling by car or bus for an additional hour. Bus service from David to Boca Chica is limited, so we recommend you organize your transportation in advance with your local tour operator.


Isla Bastimentos National Marine Park

Isla Bastimentos is one of the largest islands in Panamá and provides a laid-back alternative to the busy streets and bars found in the center of Bocas Town. Just a ten-minute water taxi ride from Isla Colon, Isla Bastimentos is home to many wonderful beaches including the picturesque Wizard Beach, which you can reach by jungle path, as well as coral-ringed Polo Beach, where the water is calm and visitors are few. For one of the best places to snorkel, check out Coral Cay. Red Frog Beach, named after the population of small red frogs that inhabit the nearby forest, is also home to a popular bar where you can grab a beer and spend the day by the beach. Then, on the western tip of the island, between the forest and the sea, you’ll find Old Bank, home to the Afro-Caribbean community. 

Nearby Isla Bastimentos are the Cayos Zapatillas—two beautiful uninhabited cays. One of the cays, Cayo Zapatilla II, is open to visitors, and it’s definitely worth a visit. 




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