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A historical context is also offered, explaining the effects of the last quarter century of change in that country.
An example of something I haven't learned from other guide books: according to «Russia Survival Guide,» official tour guides in major cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg must pass annual tests for the museums that provide their licenses; to be a licensed tour guide at all requires a course of study comparable to that required for a masters' degree.
This book gives me a greater understanding of the Russian people — at a time when mutual understanding is very important.
Caveat: not everyone is going to appreciate or agree with every (blunt) observation that the authors make in this book; I think we can agree that the questions posed by the book are the point here.

By Mom of 4 on February 18, 2014

Perfect book! I highly recommend for all traveling to Russia! Simple. Great knowledge. Perfect. This is exactly what we needed for our trip. Thanks for such a fabulous book!

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