30th World Congress of the ISHRS will take place in Panama in October 2022

30th World Congress of the ISHRS will take place in Panama in October 2022

27 – 29 October 2022
Venue: Westin Playa Bonita

This year’s in-person World Congress will include the usual didactic components – Pre-Congress Courses (optional) on Wednesday, General Sessions on Thursday through Saturday, Live Patient Viewing, and other optional courses and events. The Gala will take place Saturday evening.

SILATC and AMETREC will be holding an ancillary Live Surgery Workshop in the days prior to the World Congress (October 24-25, 2022).

Target Audience: Who will benefit from attending?
• Experienced hair restoration surgeons
• Physicians with an interest in hair restoration surgery who are new to the field
• Surgical assistants, technicians, and other office personnel employed by ISHRS Physician Members and Pending Members

COVID-19 Health & Safety Information for In-Person Meeting
The ISHRS will continue to monitor the most current information available and accordingly set its health and safety policy. At the moment, the following policy presides.Participating in the ISHRS 30th World Congress during the ongoing pandemic carries risk due to the contagious nature of the COVID-19 virus and the fact that the World Congress is held indoors with a large number of people. Attendees and guests are required to represent and warrant that they have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with a vaccine that has met the necessary criteria for safety and efficacy established by the WHO. The ISHRS relies on attendees’ and guests’ representations and does not independently verify vaccination status.In addition, attendees and guests must agree to follow all required health and safety guidelines, protocols, policies, regulations, and mandates relating to attendance at the World Congress, including, but not limited to, World Health Organization guidelines, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, statutes, regulations, and other mandates applicable to the city of Panama City and the country of Panama, as well as any additional requirements imposed by the ISHRS or a World Congress venue (regardless of whether international, national, or local laws allow otherwise).Attendees and guests attend the World Congress voluntarily and at their own risk. They must monitor their own health status and are not allowed to attend the World Congress if symptomatic of COVID-19 or believe they have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.An attendee’s failure to comply with required safety protocols or follow the direction of the ISHRS staff on site may result in the loss of their right to attend or participate in the World Congress, including forfeiture of any registration fees paid.