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Russian Tradition of visiting someone’s home. Part 2

Continuation. (Part 1 read here)

During dinner never make jokes about parents. Russians are not politically correct, so you can make joke about politics, religions etc, but be prepared that even simple small talk can become a big political, religion and very deep discussion. Russian don’t like general neutral talk – they go straight to the core of the most actual problem.

Russian Tradition of visiting someone’s home. Part 1

One of the most popular ways  of  spending free time in Russia is visiting your friends. During the Soviet Union it was almost only entertainment as there was a limited number of cinemas, restaurant etc.  Russian people have very long and strong traditions of going to «gosti» (visiting somebody home).  You must remember that if you are invited to somebody’s home, it means that you are already among the closest of friends, almost relatives for hosts.

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By C. Starr on March 5, 2014.

Halfway through this book, I'm so happy I purchased it. The authors provide a context to the perceived cultural divide between Russians and non-Russians, offering explanations of Russians' style of dress, their conspicuous consumerism, and the source of some of their nationalism.

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Alcohol Habits in Russia

There are a lot of jokes and stereotypes about Russian people and alcohol. Unfortunately, vodka became one of the main symbols of Russia for foreigners.

Moscow vs St. Petersburg. Part 2. Role in History — Ancient Russia vs. Communist vs Czar’s Empire

Moscow was the ancient capital of Russia, and this part of history is connected with old-style churches with onion-shaped towers, boyars with beards and long coats, Ivan the Terrible, and colorful Kremlin halls. After 1703, Peter the Great moved the Russian capital functions to the newly built Saint Petersburg, and Moscow lost its status of cultural, political, administrative, and commercial center.

Moscow VS St. Petersburg. Part 1. Architecture

One of largest argument in biggest Russian cities is «which of cities is better». And there are  lot of reasons for never-ending debates as  these two  cities are completely different with it’s own pro and cons.

For Muscovites  St. Petersburg   was always the depressing slow city where you spend weekend if you want to visit Europe,  but  you don’t have time and money for it.  For citizens of St. Petersburg  Moscow is place where you work  and earn money, earn very good money.

Russian customs and superstiotions

Superstitions plays huge role in daily life of Russian people. Everybody -  from serious businessmen to little children follow them. Sometimes Russian people behave weird from foreigners’ point of view. In  order not to behave incorrect communicating with locals you need to know some the most popular superstitions. Please, don’t try to analyze and understand them, just remember.

Why Russian women always wear high heels and full make up?

When you ask foreigner what the main exported resources of Russia, they always answer – oil, gas, vodka and add jokingly — women. The beauty of Russian women is known around the world. Visitors to Russia are always surprised to see that Russian women look like they are going to an Oscar night gala dinner even if they are just ging to grocery store or throw away garbage.

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