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Panama will host the 2023 World Robotics Olympics

27 September 2022
Panama will host the 2023 World Robotics Olympics

The World Robot Olympiad Association (WRO) announced through its website that Panama has been chosen to host the next World Robot Olympiad in 2023.

The First Lady of the Republic, Yazmín Colón de Cortizo, accompanied by the Minister of Education, Maruja Gorday de Villalobos, and the president of FUNDESTEAM, Marvin Castillo, supported last Friday, November 12, before the board of directors of the WRO Association and of its secretary general, Claus Christensen, the progress of Panama in robotics and the advantages that the country offers to host such an important event.

In November of last year, Panama held for the first time in Latin America a robotics Olympics in virtual format, in which more than a thousand students from 11 countries in the region competed through the Robot Virtual Games platform, created last August by Panamanians.


In Panama, the National Foundation for the Development of STEAM (FUNDESTEAM) has been organizing the National Robotics Olympics in the country for seven years.

This achievement was possible thanks to the support of the National Government, which since 2019, when this opportunity arose, believed in the project and has worked jointly with FUNDESTEAM, its main manager being Yazmín Colón de Cortizo, First Lady of the Republic and Ambassador of STEAM Education for the Americas of the Pan American Foundation for the Development of the Organization of American States, with the support and guidance of the Ministry of Education.


Panama formally submitted its application to host the event, during the first official visit to the Secretary General of the WRO, Claus Christensen, during the World Robotics Olympics held in Hungary in 2019. From there, for the next two years, Panama was participating in the selection process through a coalition led by the First Lady of the Republic, the Ministry of Education and FUNDESTEAM, carrying out actions to join the public, private and academic sectors in the STEAM education strategy.

As part of these actions to achieve the designation, last September Claus Christensen, Secretary General of the WRO, carried out an inspection visit to our country, which included several technical meetings with interest groups, both from the Government and the private sector and NGOs.

During the visit, the President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo Cohen, together with the First Lady of the Republic, Yazmín Colón de Cortizo, received Christensen at the Palacio de las Garzas, where both expressed their deep commitment to the development of education STEAM in Sciences, Technologies, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics using Robotics and Programming as gamification tools for problem solving, also known as STEAM Education.


With this official announcement, hard work begins so that our country is ready to receive the more than 5,000 international visitors who will participate in the World Robotics Olympics, which will take place from November 7 to 9, 2023 in the new Convention Center of Amador.


As part of this preparation, the Ministry of Education is already working on different public policy initiatives that seek to raise the quality of education, relying on the STEAM education methodology.


The announcement represents a historic milestone for Panama, which, despite showing weaknesses in international standardized evaluations, has managed to get students, participants in the National Robotics Olympics, to achieve important international rankings. Texts source:

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